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                                                            THE WING CHUN ESSENCE

                                                             by GM William Cheung

"Many people think Wing Chun is strictly a “centerline” system that only uses “chain punching,” that there are no circular techniques. This is not true. There are lots of circular techniques in advanced wing chun. Other misconceptions are that wing chun is not mobile enough, and that wing chun practitioners are weak kickers. The footwork for advanced wing chun makes it highly mobile. Concerning wing chun kicks, this is simply a matter of how hard a person is willing to work. I have seen many wing chun practitioners with great kicks. Lastly, critics of wing chun contend that it doesn’t have grappling techniques. Wing chun does contain basic grappling techniques, but the main emphasis is on neutralizing such techniques. Overall, wing chun stresses counter-fighting techniques, the emphasis being on neutralization. Most misconceptions arise from people who have never studied wing chun or those who have only studied a portion of the wing chun system, and whose knowledge is incomplete. Practicing wing chun correctly requires finesse, and the incorporation of the Chinese principles of the Tao. Wing chun is truly based on yin and yang. It is the perfect balance between two opposing forces."

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