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                                         BENEFITS FROM TAI CHI CHUAN FORMS TRAINING


"Tal Chi Chuan forms are a methodology that cultivates the body and mind. If you only try to develop your technique and the physical side, then you are missing the point. The authentic kung-fu training is a full package; you should not take what you want and then leave the rest out. If you do that you’ll never understand what the art has to offer. You’ll never discover all the great benefits that proper training can bring to your life. In some way, emerging victorious in a fight may be the goal of some martial artists - but that’s not the real truth. To win fights, only brings a relative victory. Not to fight and yet to be victorious, is the higher skill and brings absolute victory. It’s important to learn how to fight, but it is even more important to learn how to avoid fighting. By learning how to not get carried away by winning, and by learning how to accept loss, the student will progress in the right direction for their life".


by Dr. Tin Pang Lee

During the 12th century, Zheng Saam Fong incorporated the concepts of yin and yang, refined the chi and applied medical knowledge to his basis for tai chi chuan. Dr. Tin Pang Lee presents this art in three volumes, covering fong keen (square form), tsui sai (push hands), kum na (joint and pressure exercises), health concepts and yuen kuen (circle form).

Volume 1: Fong Keen (Part 1) covers the postures, techniques, stances and strikes of the fong keen form. Medical charts and diagrams are also presented to illustrate the benefits to overall health. (Approx. 60 min.)

Volume 2: Fong Keen (Part 2) covers front, back and top views of the fong keen technique. Includes a breakdown of the technique terminology and health concepts. (Approx. 60 min.)

Volume 3: Yuen Kuen (Circle Form) covers front, back and top views of the yuen kuen form. Includes instruction for the application of this form, tsui sai (push hands), vital targets, self-defense and health theories. (Approx. 60 min.)

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