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                                                            ON LEARNING KUNG FU

Learning kung fu forms is like having a dictionary. You can refer to it in order to find the answers, but you must work hard to achieve any results. You have to repeat the form thousands of times until they become second nature. Then a lot of hidden movements start to reveal themselves and give you new answers for different situations. This understanding comes only through hard training and practice. The most important forms in the hung gar system are fook fu kuen, kung chi kuen, fook hok sup jin kuen, and tid sin kuen, which is the most difficult set in the system and is designed to improve the function of the internal organs. Of course, there are many other forms but these are very important.

When you learn kung fu, you don’t want to “think” and then “react” to an attack. That’s too slow. It will be too late for you to defend. The idea is to input the motions in your reflex system so your hands and feet will be automatically in the right place at the right time. To be able to do this in combat you have to understand the very nature of fighting. Only then will this understanding become your strategy.

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